24/7 Support

To increase revenue and achieve competitive advantages on today’s market all world organisations are strongly relying on their Information Technology and Information Systems infrastructures, which sometimes due to its nature may lead to system operation interruptions and significant Revenue losses. That is why our company always puts the Quality of Service to the highest priority in any Business relation.

What Quality of Service means to us:

  • Ipirix proudly provides our customers with 24/7 support services
  • Faster response on all your IT enquiries
  • Our large team of highly qualified technical specialists always ready to assist
  • Jargon free technical and business advice
  • Controlled and predictable costs with no hidden charges
  • Wide range of business technology solutions

Over the years our company have established a strong reputation and commitment to its clients amongst all our customers. From first line support to high complexity projects delivery, our quality of service have proven to always go beyond SLA expectations.